Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Day 1 - 2014 - Happy New Year!

2013 had its ups and downs for me.  I started off the year excited to begin my blog and had such high expectations for it!  I was able to get through half of the year which I think is pretty good!  I was able to get it featured on Shine! For Yahoo even though I’m a little wary of how I was portrayed it was still exciting to have a camera crew at my home!  The blog also definitely helped me save some money by not shopping for clothes which I clearly did not need considering I was able to wear a different outfit pretty much the entire year of 2013 (even though I cheated the 2nd half of the year and shopped)!  In February my nephew and Godson turned 2 and in March my sister gave birth to my adorable niece Chesney.  In April I went on a fabulous honeymoon to Hawaii but I also turned the dreaded 3-0.  May was a very difficult time as I suffered a miscarriage which pretty much led to the demise of this blog.  I was undoubtedly upset and had already begun to gain weight since the start of the year which just made me not like what I was seeing in my daily photos and decided to stop.  But it’s 2014 now and it’s time to start fresh.  The remainder of 2013 included a couple weddings, many pregnancy announcements from my friends, my 6th trip to Aruba, a new engagement and even a new baby for a close friend.  In 2014 I am looking forward to many new lives coming into the world, lives of two people becoming one, and for some, lives starting over!  

So here is my 2014 New Year’s Resolution if you so wish to follow it!  I am going to get rid of at least one item every day.  The items will range from clothes to shoes to jewelry to household décor and more!  I am going to post every day and depending on the condition of the item it will either get donated or will get put on eBay to sell.  I am also going to volunteer for Dress for Success to not only donate some of my items to this great charity but to also use my passion for fashion to help other women get ready for job interviews!  My goal is to stop hoarding clothes considering I probably have some things in my closet that date back to high school!  I have been buying buying buying but I never throw away.  Rather than needing to purchase new hangers every time I go on a shopping spree, I am going to learn to REPLACE the old with the new.   I feel as if this year’s blog may not be as exciting as last year but I am going to try my best to keep it entertaining!  And I hope you will follow me on my journey to clean out my junk and at the same time possible even make some money by selling the items!
So what should I start with for Day 1?  I think I'll start with these 2 Dolce & Gabana lingerie tank tops I've been hoarding since probably around 2007. 

 I had purchased a pair of sunglasses at the D&G store at the Short Hills mall and decided I really didn't like the way they looked on me and of course their return policy was store credit only.  So I had around $200 worth of credit I had to use at that store! So after shopping around I came across these two gems which are super sexy and at the time (7 years ago) looked pretty good on me.  I don't even think I could squeeze my body into these now lol.  They were a pretty penny each probably close to $100.  And in doing some research to figure out what I can put them on eBay for I came across a very similar listing which is set at $65 right now (although she is saying it retails for $275 ouch!).  I am going to "watch" this item to see how much it goes for and then will price these two accordingly. 

Link to similar item on eBay

I did get some good wear out of them though check out some of the photos!  But do keep in mind these were from many years ago!

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