Thursday, January 2, 2014

Day 2 - 2014 - Returns!

Rather than writing about one item today that I am riding from my life I am going to talk about all the returns I made and how much money I ended up saving by not keeping these items!  We all know I have a shopping problem (some would even call it a spending problem) but this year, as I did last year, am going to try and reduce spending by NOT SHOPPING!  I think this blog might take a few twists and turns throughout the year and I might talk about fashion one day, how to save money the next, and maybe weight loss another (considering I want to lose 20 pounds ASAP) so bare with me as I blog about my life!
I started my new job in the beginning of November and racked up 1 vacation day and 1 personal day in my short time here so I am using them today and tomorrow to make some returns and take down all the Christmas decorations!  I do a lot of online shopping and even when I shop in stores I hate to try on so a lot of it ends up going back!  Which is why I am always returning!  I am also attempting to do some redecorating around the house and have probably purchased 10 different types of curtains for my living room so JCPenney has been a good friend of mine recently as well!  Here is what went back today:
I've been in the market for a new black handbag.  And to try and be frugal, rather than going straight to Gucci I decided to check out some other less expensive brands!  So I purchased this Michael Kors from Macy's and this BCBG from Bluefly and ended up not being crazy about either.

 Michael Kors = $279 with promo code (originally $348)
BCBG = $175 with promo code (originally $398)
Other items I returned included 3 pairs of shoes from Payless (I know I can't believe I shop there either!) for $40.  Really 3 pairs for $40 when I own 1 pair for $795?  Unnecessary right?  Maybe those will end up on the chopping block by year end!  Curtains from JCPenney for $140.  A Christmas sweater from my Mom from Macy's (sorry Mom I'll buy another one with the $50 credit!)  Pants from Victoria's Secret $25.  Pants from The Limited $29.  Curtains that I bought a year ago from Bed, Bath and Beyond $25.  A few things at Target (including curtains) for $115.  Dresses from Amazon $106.73 (to be exact).  A few things from Delia's (really how old am I and when is the last time I shopped there?)  I got a buy one get one free email and decided hey why not check out some things.  Unfortunately I didn't read their return policy first and they don't accept online returns to the store and now I have to pay for return shipping grr!!  But that's another $50 back.  And finally a whopping $200 from Old Navy.
For a grand total of around $1,300!!!  
Not too bad to start off the year with money BACK! I would have never even calculated all of this if it wasn't for this blog and to see that amount of money being spent is shocking and definitely makes me realize I spend way too much!  So here's to 2014 and not needing to make any returns since I won't be making any new purchases :)
I forgot I did cheat today but it was for a very special pet in my life my Niko!  With the frigid cold weather coming I decided he deserved a new coat :)  And it was only $15 I think I can spare that!

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