Thursday, January 3, 2013

Day 3 - Purple

Last night I asked Eric (my husband) to pick a color and he said purple.  Then he changed his mind and said teal to get it out of the way.  He hates me wearing teal and I have no idea why!  But when he said purple I instantly thought of my purple pants and that is how I started this outfit.  I am wearing all Express from this season. Although I still haven't quite figured out the correct lighting its hard to tell but my pants are purple and sweater metallic black. I love Express's pants/jeans that are labeled Extreme Stretch.  The ones I am wearing are called Stella Extreme Stretch Colored Jean Legging. I am only 5'3 so I have to get all my pants in the "Short" length so I don't need to alter them.  Express only makes some of their pants/jeans in Short and only certain colors.  And the stores do not carry many Short lengths so you have to order them online.  The majority of my pants are from Express, heck the majority of my wardrobe is from that store so you'll be seeing a lot of it!  And I probably have this sweater in at least 5 colors because I liked how it fit.  So you'll be seeing more of these too :)  The flats I am wearing I purchased at Loehmann's last season.  The brand is "Wanted" which I feel like I've seen in Joyce Leslie before lol.  But these are my go to black flats so you'll be seeing a lot of these this fall/winter until I can break out my sandals! And I am wearing my wedding gift from Eric for the first time!  It's my new monogram and I love it so had to share a photo!  

P.S. - welcome Niko my dog to my blog for the first time.  Every time I set up the timer on my camera I have to literally kick him out of the photo.  He's been watching me take pictures over and over the past couple mornings so he's looking at me like what the heck are you doing?  I'm sure he'll sneak into many more throughout this quest!

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