Friday, January 4, 2013

Day 4 - Juicy Couture Zip Up #1

It’s a gray day!  TGIF!  I hardly ever come to work on Friday’s but the fan on my laptop died so IBM is coming to repair it today so I had to come in.  Boo!  At least it’s casual in the office on Friday’s!  The title of today’s blog is Juicy Couture Hoodie #1 because I have a zillion of these and I figured a good way to count them is to blog about them! I became obsessed with Juicy Couture in college and even after so I’ve accumulated many of this TOO expensive zip ups.  I haven’t purchased a new one in many years now but I still love them!  Today I am head to toe in Gray (except my white cami).  The jeans again are from Express.  They are the Stella Extreme Stretch Jean Legging in Dark Gray.  I love them because they are a unique color!  I’ve paired them with Classic Cardi Uggs in Gray.  That’s probably another thing I should count are how many pairs of Uggs I own.  That will come with my shoe closet blog once I get it organized so stay tuned for that one!  Have a good weekend!!

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