Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Day 16 - Ugg Snow/Rain Boots!


I woke up to a snowy/icy mess this morning in NJ so gave myself a delayed opening and got to work by 10!  I didn’t have my outfit picked out last night because I really thought I’d just stay home today but it really wasn’t so bad so I’m here!  I knew I wanted to wear my Ugg snow/rain boots that I love so to match them I could only wear a white or beige top so my that narrowed it down!  The shirt I’m wearing is from Aéropostale from years ago!  I think I bought this while vacationing with my friend Danielle in Florida at an outlet and I don’t think I’ve stepped into an Aéropostale since!  I think it’s cute and as long as it doesn’t have their logo all over it I’ll wear it!  Jeans are typical Express and my boots I mentioned were Uggs.  They are so comfortable and great for when it rains or snows!  I brought flats to work to change into though I didn’t want to be wearing them around inside all day!  Do you wear different shoes into work and then change as well?  
Niko was feeling photogenic this morning so wanted to be in today's blog :)

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