Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Day 15 - Boring outfit but new photo location

Nothing exciting on today!  I decided to have a couple glasses of wine last night with dinner so was too lazy to select my outfit the night before which I try to do so I ended up with this old tunic top from Express (that I also have in probably 2-3 more colors you’ll be seeing this season) and leggings and flats.  Not even any cute accessories today to jazz it up.  Oh well I’ll try for something better tomorrow but it may be a WFH (work from home) day since I see snow predicted in the forecast!
p.s. – notice the new photo location?  I left my camera at work so couldn’t take one this morning at home before I left.  Right behind my desk is the perfect file cabinet height in front of a nice clean wall!  I may have a new spot although would be totally embarrassed if someone walked by and saw me taking a bunch of self-photos of myself!

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