Thursday, January 17, 2013

Day 17 - The Limited

Happy almost Friday!  My brown dress pants from the Limited have been missing for quite some time now.  Every time I want to actually get somewhat dressed up for work I look for them and they haven’t been found until last night!  I try to hang my pants so they don’t wrinkle but I thought to look at my hidden shelf in my closet behind my racks of clothes to see if I had maybe folded them out of laziness one day and there they were!  So today I’m in head to foot (except the shoes) in The Limited.  I think even my cami under my shirt is from there.  The heels are Jessica Simpson.  They aren’t quite nude but have more of a gold shimmer to them but I tend to wear these whenever I have on browns/nudes/beige’s.  They are really comfortable but look like I’ll need new heels for them soon!  Nothing else particularly interesting to point out about this one but I am on day 17 and still going strong!  Have any of my readers repeated an outfit yet this year?

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