Saturday, January 12, 2013

Day 12 and 13 - Juicy Couture Zip Up #2

I knew it was going to be a lazy Saturday since I had no plans for the evening so I decided to go for the full Juicy Couture “Terry” getup today.  If I was going to wear a zip-up that I had matching bottoms to I figured I might as well wear it!  I haven’t worn a full sweat outfit in quite some time but like I said yesterday, I’m trying to wear everything I own so why not make a full outfit out of it!  As Eric was taking photos of me this morning he said girls don’t wear sweats anymore and I think that’s true at least of women my age.  I wear skinny jeans now instead of sweats but I dug these out!  I love love love mini Uggs for the purpose of wearing them with sweats.  If I were to wear any of my tall Uggs with this outfit I would have to tuck the pants into the Uggs or else it would look to bulky with the pants over the Uggs which creates a totally different look.  So when I used to wear all sweat outfits I decided to purchase Mini’s in many different colors so I have them in Sand (wearing today) and black, brown and a weird Rust color (I may have worn them once but will find a way to wear them again this Winter).  In the 2nd photo I feature my favorite Burberry scarf in Pink!  Goes great with my off-white/beige outfits. 

Sunday I went out to dinner for my Dad’s birthday but forgot to take a photo but it was a gray striped top from Express with jeans.  Nothing special :)

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