Friday, January 11, 2013

Day 11 - Plaid and a Henry

Remember when plaid was in?  I think it was the trend of Winter 2011.  I really hate plaid but I had to purchase some kind of it since it was everywhere that season!  So last night Eric asked me if I had a cowgirl costume.  I thought it was kind of weird and I didn’t really understand why he was asking me this but he was trying to help me out with my blog by using his gun as an accessory to an outfit.  He’s a gun fanatic (I’m sure you know if you are his Facebook friend and have to constantly read all his statuses on the topic).  He recently purchased the gun I am holding in today’s photo he says as “décor” for our home.  It’s called a Henry.  He always wanted to put a gun over our fireplace and my answer was always NO but he’s obsessed so I might just have to let him.  So this plaid shirt came about all because he wanted me to pose with his gun!  Plus I am trying to wear everything I own so I had to get this one out of the way at some point!  The top is from Guess and the jeans are my Jessica Simpson’s.  The boots look like they’ve never been worn before when I pulled them out of the box.  They are Candies brand so I’m pretty sure they are from Kohl’s.  Now back to organizing my closets :)

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