Sunday, February 3, 2013

Day 32 - Kat's Bachelorette Cruise to No Where!

What a fun weekend!  I've never been on a cruise before so wasn't sure what to expect!  I definitely felt myself rocking the entire trip but never was actually sea sick.  I'm not sure I'd cruise again but Eric wants to go on one so I'll have to try it again at some point in my life!  Glad I got a quick trial on this 3 day one!  On this night I wore a top from Kohl's which I believe was Jessica Simpson.  The reason why I don't know is because I'm actually wearing this top backwards so I had to cut the tag out of it.  I preferred the V in the front not the back and it worked :)  I'm also wearing jeans and my Enzo Angeloni nude pumps.

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