Sunday, January 20, 2013

Day 20 - Hungover and a New Home

The first part of today I was terribly miserable!  I definitely drank way too much because I was sick all morning!   The girls asked me if I was going to blog about the getup I had on for the ride home from Hoboken and I said no way!  But I knew I had plans to go see one of my best friend’s new house later today so I had to recuperate quick and blog about that outfit!  I’m wearing a turtle neck sweater from Old Navy from last winter with a matching gray cami under it with jeans and gray flats.  I love this sweater and have it in off white too.  It’s so comfortable and nice and loose!  I had to take a picture of the coat I had on too because I got some compliments about it!  I got it last year at Loehmann’s.  It’s a “cape” style by Calvin Klein.  It’s not that warm because your arms aren’t totally covered but I like the style.  This photo isn’t that great it looks better in person!  Shout out to Lisa and Keith on their gorgeous new home!  I had to take a photo with her amazing chandelier in her dining room that I am obsessed with!  So proud of them lots of luck love you guys!!

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