Sunday, January 20, 2013

Day 19 - Hoboken

I’m not one to go out anymore especially in Hoboken but I have a friend that lives there and wanted to have a girl’s night so 7 of us got together for a fun night out!  6 out of the 7 of us wore the same type of shirt I selected to wear.  The new sheer blouse.  I originally was going to wear it without anything under it (except a bra) but then Eric caught a glimpse of it while I was walking out of the house and made me go change!  It looked fine either way and I ended up being more comfortable with a cami under it so glad he made me dress like a “wife”!  I wore black jeans with it and black patent leather pumps from Aldo.  The jewelry I had on made the outfit though it was a matching chunky necklace and bracelet from The Limited.   We spent our night at Teak on the Hudson which is a classy bar/club.  I definitely had too much to drink though since I was so hungover today I could barely do anything!  I must say Kristen Becker is way more fun than Kristen Kelly was though :)

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