Sunday, January 27, 2013

Day 27 - Lazy Sunday

I had no desire to even get dressed today but Eric told me he had someone stopping by so I had to put on something decent.  I have on Yoga pants from Victoria's Secret that are so comfy and actually come in lengths so luckily the 30" inseam fits perfectly!  And I'm wearing an Old Navy fleece I bought Black Friday of 2011 for $5.  Gotta love their performances fleeces lol.  I spent my day organizing my dress closet and changing out all the plastic hangers to the thin velvet ones. It makes a pretty big difference in the space available when you get rid of the thick plastic hangers.  I have a ridiculous count of 110 dresses.  I could wear a different dress every day this summer!  I have a serious problem.  Around 3 o'clock Eric's Mom called to see if we wanted to come over for dinner and we did but I still kept on my sweats and fleece, something I would never do if I were going to someone's house for dinner.  I just didn't feel like wasting an outfit :)

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