Thursday, April 11, 2013

Day 100 - Wow!

What a huge milestone today is!  And I don't even have a stellar outfit for it!  Today was a relaxing day with a casual dinner so am wearing black shorts from H&M with a burnout tank top from Express in a color that kind of makes my lobster red skin look tan right?  I've been putting on SPF 50 yet still am getting burnt!  Stupid Irish skin!  Hope everyone back at home enjoyed the beautiful weather I heard we had although turned rainy and looks like rain until the weekend!  Just when I come back!
 photo sig_zps2e70bcdb.png


  1. omg, i never went to the laptop version of your blog, only mobile, its so cute! happy 100th! idk how you pulled off your honeymoon withouth shopping for it, god freaking bless woman

  2. Thanks!! I don't know either but I got a $40 reward from Express for my birthday and I'm going to treat myself :)